A Year of Conversation is a twelve month strategy to equip and resource those in the local church to engage in conversation with their friends, colleagues, neighbours and family.




Ingredients include four Training Days spread over the year, a set of Table Talk conversational games that can be played throughout the life of the church and with friends, pre-Alpha enquiry course entitled Puzzling Questions and The Happiness Lab.



Over four days we encourage and equip churches and christians to share their faith with their friends in appropriate and stimulating ways.


Most faith-sharing occurs in the context of friends talking to friends. Consequently as part of the year we focus on facilitating space for this to happen.


The Happiness Lab can be used in the local health club, doctor’s surgery, the parent and toddler group, local businesses or the fringe of the church.


Puzzling Questions gives an opportunity to explore the most popular questions asked by those who are outside the church yet interested in spirituality.






Unlocking the Story:
In this workshop we explore the relational network of the local church and what equipping and resourcing opportunities exist.




Stimulating Spiritual Conversations:
God is at work in the lives of our friends and family. In this workshop we identify the various ways we can stimulate spiritual conversations.




Developing an Evangelism Strategy:
Over the day we explore what are the mission fields of your local church and the most appropriate ways of engaging with them.




Faith-Sharing Skills & Insights:
Every church is different and so in this workshop we explore the particular faith-sharing opportunities that are relevant to your community.


If you would like information or would like to run a Year of Conversation, please contact us via email at office@theuglyducklingcompany.com