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Help Ugly Duckling Company to stimulate conversations.

Why It Matters...


With a passion that everyone should flourish, we want to get people talking more in homes, in the street where they live, in schools or universities, at work or across their borough.

There are big questions that we all need to ask and, as a charity, we are committed to creating spaces and resources that will help facilitate these important conversations.

We cannot do this on our own and so we are looking for people who will get involved with what we are doing.

There are many ways that someone can help us make a difference in the lives of others.

Please consider whether you could give financially or take on a fundraising challenge. Perhaps you have skills or time that you would like to contribute.

Below are a list of ways that you can help us make a difference. Once you have ticked the appropriate boxes and filled in your personal contact details, press the submit button and we will be in touch soon.



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As a charity we rely on the help of volunteers who contribute their time and skills to developing our work. If you would like to find out more then please tick here.



Can you help raise funds for the various projects that we are involved in. To receive an information pack about the various developments that we are raising money for then tick here.



We are looking for individuals who would arrange a gathering of their friends to look at the various resources and initiatives that we are creating. Our aim would be to explore with that group how these might be relevant in their context. To explore this further please tick here.



For those who pray, we issue a regular prayer diary. To receive this, please tick here.



As a charity we are dependent on the good will of individuals and benevolent charities to fund our work. If you would like to receive information about becoming a financial partner then please tick here.